Wordless Wednesday #3

Wordless Wednesday posts are images from Ardnamurchan and the surrounding regions – Sunart, Morvern, Ardgour, Moidart and the Rough Bounds. They have no accompanying text or description. I will try and ensure they were photographed in the same month, though not necessarily the same year, that they appear online.

I hope you enjoy them.

2 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #3

  1. Archie McLellan

    First, I am out on a cycle ride; my friend stops to point out an orchid at the side of the road, just like your photo. Then we are in a beautiful garden in Hartlip, Kent, with an area as meadow; the owner is so excited and just has to check that we have seen the orchids, all five of them. Now comes your beautiful picture. I’m getting better at saying Wow! rather than So?

    I don’t know why this wild orchid thing is happening this year. It is a very familiar flower to me. Perhaps there are lots in the west highlands? Or, after my decades of holidays on Sanday/Canna (which has to be one of the richest places for wildflowers), I’ve grown blasé about this particular flower?

    But I have to say that beekeeping has made me waken up to so much about the natural world, and what people who care about it are saying.

    Thanks again for all your posts.

    1. David Post author

      Hi Archie
      Having lived for years in or near cities even relatively commonplace plants and trees can seem exotic and very special.
      This photo was taken in 2018 in a field that had hundreds of orchids in whites, mauves and blues coupled with the backdrop of the islands of Eigg and Rhum. Fabulous.
      I think they are pretty common around here on the West coast – we’ve got some white ones just starting to flower in the garden. I’ll try and photograph those for another Wordless Wednesday 🙂


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